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Certified Mars Venus Life and Relationship Coach

As a Mars Venus coach, I will help you to gain clarity in your relationships, career and life, so that you move ahead on your life journey with huge confidence, ease and joy to fulfill your purpose. I will help you to gain clarity about your issue(s), and together we will craft a plan. I will guide you step by step to achieve your desired goal(s). Each week, I will be here to guide you and hold you accountable to implement your weekly plan. You will see yourself moving from one achievement to the next, and you will feel amazing. I want you to know that you matter and that there is greatest within you waiting to be discovered. This is your your time and your life. Are you willing to bet on you and start that wonderful journey? Then book a free consultation here.

Step 1

Start living Your Best Life Now

We evaluate where you are now in your life and where you want to go and its importance to you.

Step 2

Approach Used

We establish how you want to proceed with meetings either weekly depending on the clients, clarify expectations on both sides.

Moving Forward Towards Achieving Your Dream Life

Design a plan together and measure your progress.


As a Mars Venus Life and Relationship Coach, I offer 3 Levels of Coaching:

  1. Basic Level: It consists of: 1hour session face to face or via the phone every other week.
  2. Standard Level: It consists of 1-hour session face to face or via the phone each week.
  3. Premier Level: It consists of four 1-hour session face to face or via the phone for the couple

Other services that I offer are:

  1. As a Hypnotist using Rapid Transformational Therapy method and I offer:
    • 30-Day Discovering you Package- 1 hypnotherapy session and 1 follow up call and a personalized audio
    • 60-Day Re-discovering you Package: 2 Hypnotherapy sessions, 2 follow up calls and 2 personalised audios
    • 90-Day AmazingYou Package: 2 Hypnotherapy sessions, two follow up call, 2 personalised audios and Energy medicine session.
  2. As a LifeForce Compassion Energy Practitioner, I use this powerful technique to bring healing to the wounded self, the inner child from trauma and various emotional imprints in order to bring emotional fulfillment, financial abundance, well-being and more.
    • Basic Level: It consists of 1 session online
    • Standard Level: It consists of 2 sessions online
    • Premier Level: It consists of 3 sessions online
  3. Chakra Therapeutics
    • One to one online session of 60 mins working on clearing your energy centres
  4. Astrology and Tarot Readings
    • Basic level: Tarot reading for 30 mins
    • Standard Level: Personalised birth chart reading 30 mins
    • Premier Level: Personalised birth chart reading and predictive reading 1 1/2 hours (MOST POPULAR)
    • Super Premier Level: Personalised birth charts, predictive and synastry readings for 2 persons for 1 1/2 hours

I work with clients on a one to one basis. I also provide group coaching sessions. Sessions can be online or face to face depending on the location.

About Rani Thanacoody

Dr Rani Thanacoody is a full time academic in the UK in the areas of human resource management and organizational behaviour for the past 15 years. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and research on work life balance and well-being with her students from various social and cultural backgrounds. She has a track record of mentoring and coaching junior staff and research students in all areas of life.

Rani’s international career in academia has included working in Spain, Australia, Mauritius, China. She has published academic papers on work family research in international reputable journals.

One of Dr Thanacoody’s fondest memories of her time in Australia is associated with one of her very first Human Resources related positions – when she was a recruitment officer for the Sydney Olympic Games in Brisbane.

In 2020, she has been named Griffith Business School’s 2020 Outstanding International Alumnus.

In addition to working in academia, Rani is a certified hypnotherapist using RTT method, Breathwork Coach, Chakra Healer and Astrologer. She supports her clients using various modalities to overcome their traumas and live a purposeful and meaningful life.

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Please contact me on this email address: ranithanacoody@marsvenuscoaching.com or Book A  Free 30 mins Consultation Here